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Sport has many languages, faces and facets; but a large component is conditioning. Conditioning in itself is a language that goes with questionable translation if the basic principles are not there.


An easy error is to label someone as “strong”, but what is strong? Maintaining a pace of 5:00 min/km for 3 hours is strong, squatting 3 times your body weight is also strong, living through a day on the side of a rugby field as a medic is strong too… but each example is a different type of strength!


The requirements in programme design vary significantly… and so the language needs to translate accurately.


Are we building endurance, agility, maximum strength or power? Are the requirements for performance directly or indirectly related to body weight, muscle mass, size or shape? The list can become endless but we need a seamless, direct approach to the art of conditioning.


Sports conditioning is an art of experience built on foundational knowledge and practical application.


Start building this foundation with our Sports Conditioning workshop. The next step would be our SAQ workshop. And let’s start speaking a unanimous language of sports conditioning.


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