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MONDAYS – THURSDAYS: 08:00 – 16:30 | FRIDAY: 08:00 – 16:00 | SATURDAY: 08:00 – 11:00 | SUNDAY: CLOSED

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Spring is in the air and with every new season, there is time for something special.

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South Africa's Leading Fitness Education Institute

FitPro is South Africa’s Leading Fitness Education institute with a comprehensive offering of certifications and workshops.

Learning with FitPro is intuitive, knowledge based and experience orientated.

Fastrack your Fitness Career with our Diverse Offering

FitPro has an intuitive learning platform providing you with many learning options. You can study Online, Full Time or Part Time. FitPro is always available!

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Sponsor a Community Fitness Ambassador!

In response to the South African crisis of unemployment and an increasing decline in health, FitPro has a solution to stimulate the township economy through a Community Fitness Ambassador.

The role of the [YOUR BRAND] Community Fitness Ambassador is to provide exercise based interventions to a large scale of persons within a community. In addition to that, it will stimulate business growth and entrepreneurial opportunities, uplifting economic movement and closing the gap between disease and lifestyle management.

We call on South Africa to realign annual CSI – let’s take hands and really start changing lives in South Africa for the future!

What our students say


That is wat I want to do; I want to follow my dreams! I want to show the world what I am made of, thanks to Fitpro. I would truly recommend the Fitpro team if your passion is to pursue a career in fitness.


I highly recommend FitPro , their courses are detailed and all questions are answered with factual knowledge. I always gain from it, be it a refresher or something completely new to implement with training for my clients


I highly recommend Fitpro as your choice in helping you take the next step in your career. This institution is by far the most professional, yet challenging, offering excellent value for your money.


The practical training was a ton of fun and very insightful.  Every step was demonstrated and explained in a professional manner.  The theory, was educational and helped me to understand the human body a lot better.


My passion is to help people become the best human being they can possibly become and with the help of FitPro I can live out my dream. Fitpro is the best place to study! Fitpro is definitely one of the best environments I’ve walked into.


FITPRO, LEE & DERICK ARCHER for your part in Bradlys future. Watch this space…. You have created an Animal waiting to be unleashed in the Fitness Industry? If your child loves fitness as much as mine does, Fitpro should definitely be your Only choice!

Are you a student? Need a student loan?


Our Partners, FUNDI & Mobicred, offer student loans. Check them out for more information.


Welcome to the future of shadowing hours for Fitness Students!

As a fitness student, you will be required to shadow a Personal Trainer or a Fitness Instructor in a gym or studio environment in order for you to complete the practical component of your Fitness Course.

Shadow Me Fitness offers a virtual solution for you to complete these shadowing hours, all of which can be done from the comfort of your own home, at any time, and on any device.

Once you have completed your Virtual Shadowing hours, you will receive verification of the shadowing hours completed by you, in the form of a certified “Deck’’ from Shadow Me Fitness.