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Our Partners

The right partnerships are important

FitPro believes in changing lives for the better!

The intention of the partnership is to create entrepreneurship, self-employment and job opportunities within the Fitness Sector. The Skills Development Legislation offers unique collaboration opportunities with employers, both private and public, to contribute towards the reduction of unemployment.

Inno and Lesego are Fitpro skills Development partners. Damaria Consulting Services was established in 2014 and is a Level 1 BBBEE, black-owned, Skills Development Consultancy organisation.  They specialize in the delivery of Skills development initiatives and in assisting businesses to maximise the financial benefits and incentives for training.  Through Damaria’s networks of specialists, partners, project managers and other resources they implement world-class skills development programmes.  Damaria Consulting Services partner with accredited training providers to offer the required skills and training as per clients’ needs and requirements.

Damaria Consulting Services has experience in:

  • Skills Development Programmes (Learnership / Internship)
  • Recruitment and placement strategies & programmes
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Project / Programme Management
  • WSP Development
  • BBBEE Governance
  • Workplace Preparation
  • Accreditation Processes


The Community Fitness Ambassador Sponsorship can be linked to an organisation’s training plan or Corporate Social Investment (CSI). 

There are benefits to the organisation to make it a part of their skills development strategy:

  • Workplace Skills plan
  • Corporate Tax rebates
  • Employee Tax Incentive (ETI)
  • SETA funding
  • BBEEE rating

Sponsor a Community Fitness Ambassador



In response to the South African crisis of unemployment and an increasing decline in health, FitPro has a solution to stimulate the township economy through a Community Fitness Ambassador. The FitPro Community Fitness Ambassador will receive:


  • 12 months of targeted and quality driven education
  • Monthly stipend of R3500.00 per month for 12 months
  • Digital initiation and support
  • National Certificate in Fitness (NQF 5 Qualification)
  • Additional Communication and Entrepreneurial skills
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Workplace experience and exposure

The role of the FitPro Community Fitness Ambassador is to provide exercise based interventions to a large scale of persons within a community. In addition to that, it will stimulate business growth and entrepreneurial opportunities, uplifting economic movement and closing the gap between disease and lifestyle management.


We call on South Africa to realign annual CSI – let’s take hands and really start changing lives in South Africa for the future!


The Dome, Swakopmund is heralded as the new Business, Entertainment and Sports Hub of Namibia, attracting a growing number of business travelers, sports teams, tourists and holiday makers. Conveniently located just minutes from the Swakopmund CBD, The Dome provides many business related solutions including: retail space, consultation rooms, conference centre, business suites and entertainment venues for functions, all of which are luxuriously upmarket and stylishly designed.

Central to this entire multi-functional Dome facility is the massive Swakop Indoor Sports Centre, which hosts major Sport & Music events as well as large scale Trade Exhibitions, attracting vast numbers of visitors and locals every year.

The Power Plate’s advanced vibration technology is a result of decades of scientific research by the brightest minds in sports science. The gentle, harmonic three-dimensional vibrations of Power Plate enhance the benefit of any movement. The subtle movements create an authentic stimulus that triggers a rapid reflex response in your muscles. This natural response can boost your strength, circulation, balance, heart health, flexibility, mobility and even your cognition.

Power Plate is the brand of choice for elite athletes, rehabilitation centres, celebrities and the Average Joe the whole world over. Validated by Medical Device certification in the European Union, and hundreds of independent research papers, Power Plate is so popular because it works.

Keith and Justine McFarlane’s Rebounding experience is unparalleled in Southern Africa and are recognised as South Africa’s Rebounding experts. They’ve specialized in their field since 2002 and trained over 3000 students in the corporate, fitness, health and public sectors.

After years of teaching rebounding techniques to their students and clients, they responded to a demand to supply quality rebounders that had a great bounce: buoyant, smooth and enjoyable – and to design rebounding programs and instructor courses.

They have sold over 12 000 copies of their book ‘Rebounding for Health and Fitness’ and over 15 000 copies of their rebounding DVD’s, both nationally and internationally – and are the most qualified rebound instructor trainers in South Africa.

“Exercise is Medicine” (EIM) is a global initiative of the American College of Sports Medicine. It has regional chapters in North America, South America, Europe, the Far East and Australia. South Africa has been invited to become the footprint for the African regional chapter for Exercise is Medicine.

Origin Fitness are fitness equipment fanatics who supply the trendiest fitness products that you want and will love. We love what we do. We have expertise, experience and the mental muscle to offer the best products and customer service. We offer a range of the finest locally manufactured gym equipment and top brands the world has to offer. We give advice on the latest equipment and trends in kit that’s designed to keep you and your customers fit.

FitPro learners can receive Origin Fitness equipment discounts on some of our online workshops. 

InSide Active represents quality and success in health and wellness. We believe that our bespoke and holistic offerings, combined with a strong brand of quality and customer service allows us to be the industry leaders we are. As an organisation, we are driven by our desire to provide a quality wellness service that delivers a healthy lifestyle living experience for all our clients. 

With successful operations based countrywide, InSide Active is your all-in-one health and wellness solution: we don’t outsource, everything we do is managed and operated under one umbrella. And for that reason, we can assure our clients of the very best service, focus and attention to detail. Our outstanding track record of delivery and strong partnerships with other industry leaders speaks for itself.

Individually-styled, luxury health clubs for every fitness need. This is more than just a gym.

Join the tribe and feel the vibe in Ignite South Africa Gym Clubs

Curves brought the world’s very first fitness club for women to South Africa, and neighbouring African countries, where women of all shapes and sizes could begin the transformation to fitness. Curves International has become the world leader in women’s fitness in just a few years. With a life-long commitment to help women achieve their goals, Curves provides a whole body solution.

Fit SA works to assist and promote the South African Fitness Industry

To promote a healthy lifestyle for all South Africans and support all participants in the fitness industry

Striving to Ensure: High Standards, Professional Training, Personalised Service, A Friendly Training Environment

FitPro is a partner and member of FitSA

Technogym is known globally as the Wellness Company. With over 35 years of cutting edge research, equipment development and quality that goes without question. An industry leader in their own right, Technogym provides solutions for home gyms, corportate spaces, large commercial facilities and even high performance. 

With its origins in Italy, Technogym is available across the globe in over 100 countries with the goal of getting 50 million people moving every day.

In partnership with FitPro, the My Wellness Application is made available to #facesoffitpro and current learners. 

Giving you the best value for money when it comes to gym experiences in South Africa. Our gyms are designed to help you best achieve your fitness goals, from affordable memberships, to impressive top of the range equipment and much, much more. Check out some of the reasons why so many people are joining Fit24Gyms.

Committed to Living Happily Ever Active Together. We’re ready to keep you active wherever you may be. Get access to your favourite classes and workouts from our best instructors from around the world.

Moove Motion Fitness Club is a fitness revolution to keep you Mooving!

Our Clubs boast state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated team of professionals who assist you in taking your health and wellness to the next level! Renowned group fitness classes.  Extraordinary facilities.

While you’re amazing, super-you is… well…super amazing! 

We don’t want your fitness goals to come at too high a cost, so we bring you what we have been told is the highest quality dry gym in the world.

Fundi is South Africa’s leading education finance and education fund management solution specialist. We are the only credit provider that focuses on providing funds for education.

Some of our achievements since 1996:

– Assisted over 850 000 students with education funding to the collective value of R4.5 billion.

– Pioneered South Africa’s first fund administration smart card solution, now called our FUNDI card. Since then we have administered over R3-billion in bursary funds.