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Sports Conditioning


Sports conditioning is a workshop for coaches, personal trainers and fitness professionals working with athletes of varying abilities with the goal of improving their performance and reducing injuries.

Sports conditioning involves developing exercise prescription plans that specifically modulate aerobic, resistance, and/or flexibility training to suit the metabolic and physical demands of the specific sport. The components of training covered on this workshop include strength, power, speed, agility as well as endurance. By understanding the training required and the periodization of the training components, the coach will give their athletes the best possible chance of success and staying injury free.

The workshop will have both theoretical and practical elements as well as group activities.




  • Biomechanical analysis of sport- anatomy, planes of movement etc.
  • Physiology- energy system requirements of specific sports
  • Components of training
  • Periodization and program design
  • Objective driven exercise and drill prescription



The minimum requirement is a Personal Fitness Trainer certification for learners to complete this course.

Should you not hold this certificate, please contact the office for further instruction and information.



Additional information


Online via Zoom


3 September 2021