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Very few things in life can give your brain and muscles that boost of vitality and willingness to tackle life again like some fun in the sun! Being outdoors is a South African lifestyle and exercise can so easily complement that – this is why we love Bootcamp!


Bootcamp provides the opportunity for changing exercise routines to match the environment and relevant tools available. Creativity becomes your second language and the added bonus of fresh air and sunlight aids in immune building, natural movements and heightened sense of your surroundings. In a world of indoor offices and hours at the desk, nothing can regenerate you quite as well.


Engaging with the people around you in an informal, fun way is the starting point for developing friendships and good working relationships. Bringing the office outdoors with some planned activities like Bootcamp is what we want to see more of! At FitPro we believe in getting the working people engaged through exercise and feel-good activities.


Join our next Bootcamp workshop with our own Ali Mahlanga