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Exercise and rehabilitation has taken on a new face with the TheraBand CLXTM easy grip loops. This design allows for multiple and unique grip options enabling a variety of open and closed exercise variations.


The design enables exercises to suit a wide variety of clients for both conditioning purposes and specialised rehabilitation. Unique grips with anchor options are available as well as holding objects with additional applied resistance. Exercises without grip are also possible. Due to the consecutive loops, simultaneous upper and lower body workouts are possible.


Elastic resistance has been found equivalent to weight training by analysing the strength curve, muscle activation, perceived exertion and strength gains. With the added benefit of being incredibly light weight and easy to transport, professionals have an entire gym in one hand.


TheraBand CLXTM is made with latex-free compounds reducing allergy concerns.


In addition to the TheraBand CLXTM, professionals have access to a free CLX Application providing an exercise library for ease of use and fast reference.


At FitPro, HiTech Therapy presents the TheraBand CLXTM workshop.