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We have reached a tipping point in the fitness industry where client needs are shifting and professional conduct is stringently demanding. So let’s move forward with a fresh and “clean” perspective.


Fitness Professionals are still needed! And now more than ever!


In times of schools slowly returning, parents working at home, no travelling, less equipment and the list goes on, professionals need to step out and be innovative!


At FitPro, we urge our fitness professionals to “speak a different language of needs” to their clients. Find out what is going to work for them, keep them engaged and what are they able to afford right now. Build a solution that will work for them.


Step out of your comfort zone and educate yourself on the procedures regarding cleaning, safety and regulations. Communicate this towards your clients as well to provide them with peace of mind that you are staying up to date and ready to assist them in any regard.


As the global landscape moves into a new horizon, the fitness professional also needs to change the sunrise we choose to wake up under. Let’s move forward differently and share ideas!


FitPro wants to hear from you!


As we prepare to move back into our fitness space, prepare yourself adequately with our Exercise Clean online workshop available now!  https://fitpro.co.za/product/exercise-clean/