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As 2019 winds down and we prepare for 2020, I genuinely feel a sense of excitement for our industry and what the future holds.

Truth be told, 2019 was a tough year as the economy impacted peoples’ spending habits and increased stress levels necessitating changes in business to retain clients, and to manage their stress. There were obviously some very valuable lessons learned in this regard.

Looking towards 2020, here are the top 10 Fitness Trends according to ACSM:

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Although only less than 10% of South Africans have gym memberships, these trends apply to South Africa too. Perhaps we could swop #1 and #2 around? The popularity of group fitness in formal and informal training environments is growing exponentially. The low cost to the public and fact that it helps to meet the need for social interaction/ the need to belong are big factors.

So when planning your business for next year, keep these in mind.

All the best for the festive season.


Derek & The Team