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Suspension Training


Suspension Training uses gravity and the basic laws of physics to create exercises that work the entire body. Suspension training is suitable for all levels of fitness, strength and performance.


The course will show trainers movements specific to suspension training and how to introduce progressions and regressions on standard body-weight exercises as well as . From core training, balance and proprioception as well as functional training, this system is a complete solution.


This online course includes a complete exercise guide that the trainer can use immediately. With all the added knowledge and understanding that this course offers, trainers can design exciting and diverse exercise solutions on one piece of equipment.


An added feature is proper installation and use of the suspension training system to ensure complete safety and peace of mind.


Whatever the goals, suspension training can help an individual achieve success and improve training outcomes.




The minimum requirement is a Personal Fitness Trainer certification for learners to complete this course.


Should you not hold this certificate, please contact the office for further instruction and information.




Complete manual with 2 demonstration videos


  • Foundation of suspension training
    • Acting forces
    • Base of support
    • Angle of pull
    • The pendulum
    • Use of handles
    • Stance


  • Set up, safety and success
    • Appropriate anchoring and set up of the suspension trainer
    • Adjusting the suspension trainer


  • Program design
    • 6 principles of programme design when using suspension trainers


Exercise Guide:


  • 126 pages of upper body, lower body and core exercises with adaptations and variations to use




  • Online Quiz
  • Programme Design


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