Power Plate Discover


This 3 hour live workshop provides a practical introduction to the world of whole body vibration with Power Plate. Together we will experience how Power Plate can be used to prepare faster, perform better and recover quicker, enhancing any exercise typically performed on the ground. Whether you are an individual user with personal fitness or health goals, a fitness professional, movement practitioner or clinician, our goal is to empower you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to successfully utilize Power Plate as a means to optimize results and enhance quality of life for you and your clients.



The Power Plate brings advanced vibration technology to the training environment. A result of decades of scientific research by the brightest minds in sports science, the gentle, harmonic three-dimensional vibrations of Power Plate enhance the benefit of any movement. The system creates an authentic stimulus that triggers a rapid reflex response in your muscles. This natural response can boost your strength, circulation, balance, heart health, flexibility, mobility and even your cognition.

Power Plate is the brand of choice for elite athletes, rehabilitation centers, celebrities and the fitness enthusiast the whole world over, and is validated by Medical Device certification in the European Union, and hundreds of independent research papers.

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Johannesburg, Cape Town


28 March (11:00am-02:00pm), 30 May (11:00am-02:00pm), 28 June (11:00am-02:00pm)