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Elastic Resistance Training


Elastic Resistance Training has continued to grow in popularity, as an affordable, portable and versatile fitness training solution.


Elastic resistance exercise includes the use of elastic bands, elastic tubing equipment and elastic resistance training accessories.


Elastic resistance products were originally used as a fitness device but eventually progressed to be used as a rehabilitation device as well. Today elastic resistance training products are used in high performance training programs, general fitness training sessions as well as part of rehabilitation programs.


Training with elastic resistance is categorized into a training method known as Variable Resistance Training; where an exercise is supplemented with elastic resistance  products, it causes a ‘variation’ in the load being lifted throughout the range of movement.


This course will discuss using elastic resistance training for resistance purposes and not assistance purposes.


Included in this course is an Exercise Guide.




The minimum requirement is a Personal Fitness Trainer certification for learners to complete this course.


Should you not hold this certificate, please contact the office for further instruction and information.




Complete manual plus 2 demonstration videos


  • Foundations of elastic resistance training
    • Concept and benefits
  • Set up and safety
    • Points of support and anchoring.


Exercise Guide:


  • Functional exercises with resistance bands for immediate implementation




  • Online Quiz


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