Getting back on track after the indulgences of the festive season can seem like a daunting task. Here are some tips to make it easier!

  1. Avoid unnecessary snacks. Try to avoid extra snacks that you don’t really need. For example, mindless munching on crisps at a braai, or popcorn at a movie is usually just unnecessary calories that you don’t need
  2. Don’t starve yourself. Skipping meals and severely limiting your food intake will result in your body going into “starvation mode” in that it will store (often in the form of fat) any food you do eat, and thus slowing down your metabolism. Rather try eating regularly to keep your metabolism functioning optimally. Therefore, an ideal approach would be to have three small meals and three snacks a day.
  3. Drink water. Water is essential for many bodily processes, including flushing out toxins that may accumulate during periods of overindulgence. Therefore it is imperative to drink enough water (i.e. approximately 2l per day). Not drinking enough, also often leads one to develop cravings. Therefore when you crave an unhealthy food, drink a glass of water, wait 10 minutes and see if the craving passes.

Lila Bruck (RD)

Nutr. Sci. (Stell)

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