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Fitpro-Thumb-150x110The Institute of Fitness Professionals (Fitpro) has built up a formidable reputation by offering the ultimate in fitness education.  Fitpro has forged its name in the fitness industry over the past 21 years as a forerunner in fitness/ wellness education, advanced training and research.  Our focus is on tailoring to the individual needs of each student in order to ensure their best possible development on all levels.

Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine SA was created 3 years ago under the global banner of the American College of Sports Medicine initiative. The initiative now has an office, a manager and a strategic model.  Exercise is Medicine SA (EIM SA) has a threefold focus:

The primary focus is to educate and empower all healthcare providers to understand the benefits of regular exercise in the prevention and management of a broad spectrum of diseases, and to give them the means to prescribe it or refer to the appropriate healthcare or fitness professional.  One of the main aims of EIM over the world is to get healthcare providers to monitor exercise habits, similar to recording vital signs in all patients.  Wherever this has been introduced into healthcare systems, it has already had profound effects on health promotion and cost!  EIM SA will soon be conducting workshops and accrediting healthcare providers as well as fitness professionals in exercise prescription. This is where your role becomes important. Doctors will only refer to EIM accredited professionals. Contact details of Health and Fitness professionals who are EIM accredited (via course and test) will be given to Health Care providers for referral. The course will ensure you will have the necessary skills and knowledge to implement EIM programs. We invite all interested individuals and organizations to join the Exercise is Medicine South African Network.  You can check us out on our website exerciseismedicine.org.za, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Feel free to contact our general manager, Georgia Torres at georgie@pentanet.co.za or via the website.


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