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Fitpro (Institute of Fitness Professionals) has built up a formidable reputation by offering the ultimate in fitness education.  Fitpro has forged its name in the fitness industry over the past 21 years as a forerunner in fitness/ wellness education, advanced training and research.  Our focus is on tailoring to the individual needs of each student in order to ensure their best possible development on all levels.

The Health and Fitness Industry


The Fitness/ wellness revolution is widely predicted to be the next Trillion dollar industry. For those of you who share our passion for Fitness, those of you who desire a shift from the typical one dimensional office worker life, a career in health and wellness may be more appealing and viable than you ever believed. It is estimated that consumers globally are spending as much as one-seventh of their earnings on their own personal fitness and well-being each year. This number is growing!

This trend has created many new career opportunities. Naturally it is important for anyone who has ever wanted to help others control their weight, maximize their health, or for anyone wanting to work in today’s health and fitness industry to be expertly trained by individuals who are themselves passionate and dedicated to this pursuit.

At Fitpro we have an exhilarating vision for health, wellness and fitness education—true wellness that is far more than skin deep.

Be truly “WELLTHY” – Contact us today and we’ll help you become part of the revolution.

Fitpro- Where Science and a passion for Fitness  meet!

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